Latest Update from our Salons:



We have decided for the foreseeable future to follow our existing Covid protocols in our salons.

This ensures both the safety of our clients and colleagues.


We very much look forward to seeing you soon,

Faces Hairdressing 


*please note some of these photographs were taken prior to lockdown*


The New Salon Experience:


A deep clean has been completed in all areas of the salon. In line with current guidelines, the cloakroom will not be available, so clients are advised to bring as little as possible with them to their appointment. If you however bring a jacket to, we ask that you bring a bag to place it in as it will have to remain with you during your time in the salon.


Due to increased overheads we have had to make a 10% increase on the price of all our services.


Because of social distancing restrictions , we will not be able to perform services - children’s cut or fringe trims.


We have now returned to our normal opening hours - however both our salons will now be closed on Mondays, but we are able now  to offer  a full service menu.


What to expect on your visit:

We have thoroughly reviewed our operational system to ensure we are as safe and hygienic as possible during the client journey. In line with current government and WHO guidelines for the safety of our staff and clients. 


On arrival each client will be temperature checked and asked to hand sanitise at the reception area.

All clients will have single use items such as disposable gowns, towels, capes, etc. 

All equipment used in your appointment will have be sterilised before and after your appointment.

All areas of the salon will also be regularly cleaned.

All staff will be wearing the PPE required during your visit.


How you can help:

With the exception of clients with carers clients should come alone.

Please observe social distancing where possible. We will offer masks and gloves on arrival as well.

Clients should come wearing a mask or face covering if possible.


Hoping to see you all very soon

Many Thanks

The Faces Team.

At Faces our stylists are categorised according to their level of seniority. This is achieved by a regular programme of training and testing whioch is reflected in our price structure. 

If you're new to Faces we'll begin with a full consultation, talking about what you have in mind, your lifestyle, colour, home haircare and more. We can discuss the styles that best suit your lifestyle and face shape, and also your preference in finishing and styling products. Finally, with all that in mind, we'll create the perfect look! 

Welcome to Faces Hairdressing. With two salons in the heart of historic Colchester we believe we offer a truly unique hairdressing experience.

Our Hair Salons are located at:

79 Crouch Street, Colchester, Essex

1 Eld Lane, Colchester, Essex




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